Tax Fraud Whistleblower Rewards

IRS Tax Fraud Whistleblower Reward Information by IRS Tax Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

The IRS regulates federal tax payments. As such, it works to detect significant tax fraud. For this reason, this government agency uses rewards to encourage individuals to expose hard to detect fraud. The IRS Tax Fraud whistleblower reward law offers large financial rewards or bounties of recovered funds. More specifically, the IRS Tax Fraud Whistleblower Reward Program under section 406 of the Internal Revenue Code accepts submissions from whistleblowers.

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As a IRS Tax Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer Represents IRS Fraud Whistleblowers Who Want to Expose Corporate Tax Fraud and Illegal Offshore Account Tax Fraud

IRS tax fraud whistleblower lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, works with corporate tax fraud whistleblowers. He helps IRS tax fraud whistleblowers and other tax fraud whistleblowers expose IRS tax fraud schemes. These schemes must involve over $1 million in tax fraud and be committed by large corporations or wealthy individuals. He helps whistleblowers understand corporate tax fraud. He also helps whistleblowers identify IRS code violations, and other forms of tax fraud.

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The IRS Whistleblower Reward Law Includes Whistleblower Protections

This whistleblower recovery law includes significant economic incentives and protections for whistleblowers to encourage people with specialized knowledge of significant tax fraud to step forward and report the fraud. These protections if used properly can protect whistleblowers from retaliation and allow whistleblowers to recover large amounts of money for being the first to properly report significant tax fraud.

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Employee Whistleblower Recovery Laws Protect Employees Who Want To Expose Significant Fraud Schemes

Employee whistleblower recovery laws protect employee whistleblowers from retaliation. The laws also encourage employees with specialized knowledge of fraud to expose significant fraud through rewards. More specifically, the combination of strong whistleblower protections and large economic incentives target high end employee whistleblowers. These high end employee whistleblowers include financial potentials, executives, and managers. For more information on Employee Whistleblower Laws, please go to the following web page, Employee Whistleblower Award & Recovery Lawsuits.

Qui Tam Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits and Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits by Qui Tam Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, Federal False Claims Act Lawyer, and Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Lawyer

Through Whistleblower Reward Laws billions of dollars have recovered. Further, through public whistleblowers the government targets fraudulent corporations and individuals. The government also identifies large fraud schemes. Once the schemes are detected, the government collects fines and fraudulently taken funds, then pays the whistleblower a percentage of the recovered funds.  Through these whistleblower reward laws, fraudulent corporations and government contractors have been forced to pay back billions of dollars.

These whistleblower reward laws save the United States billions of dollars every year. The laws also effectively regulate government purchasing, taxes, and the financial markets. For these reasons, it is extremely important Whistleblowers continue to expose fraud and corruption that cost billions of dollars.

If you are aware of a large government contractor that is defrauding the United States Government out of millions or billions of dollars, contact Whistleblower Reward Lawyer and Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer. As a Texas Whistle Blower Lawyer, he works with other powerful qui tam lawyers that handle large Government Fraud cases. He works with San Antonio Whistleblower Lawyers, Dallas Whistleblower Lawyers, Houston Government Fraud Lawyers, and other Texas Whistleblower Lawyers as well as with Whistleblower Lawyers throughout the nation to blow the whistle on fraud that hurts the United States and taxpayers.