Commodity Manipulation Schemes Anonymous Rewards

Anonymous Reporting of Commodity Manipulation Schemes Can Earn Large Financial Rewards

Individuals can earn large financial rewards by anonymously exposing commodity market manipulation schemes.  The Commodity Future Trading Commission CFTC is offering financial rewards to detect manipulation schemes.  The rewards are available to anyone who properly exposes significant violations of the Commodity Exchange Act CEA.  To be successful, the whistleblower must report original information of a significant manipulation scheme.

Financial Professionals and Sophisticated Investors Often Have Specialized Knowledge of Commodities Market Manipulation Schemes

Financial professionals and sophisticated investors with specialized knowledge of manipulation schemes are needed to expose schemes.  As such, in addition to the financial rewards, CFTC Whistleblower Protections include identity protections.  More specifically, whistleblowers can expose commodities market manipulation schemes anonymously by reporting them through a lawyer.  These protections also prevent corporations from retaliating against whistleblowers as well as forcing ex-employees from reporting violations.

Commodity Manipulation Schemes

Manipulation Schemes in the Commodities Market

The CFTC regulates the US commodities market including trading of oil & gas, precious metals, and currencies.  When large corporations and investors manipulate the price of a commodity, this manipulation can be the basis of a bounty action.  Further, by reporting these schemes anonymous whistleblowers can earn a reward based on the size of the market manipulation.  The CFTC through their Whistleblower Reward Program has awarded several million in rewards.  More specifically, in one case the CFTC awarded $30 million.  Further, the CFTC has recently requested additional tips regarding commodity manipulation, insider trading, foreign bribe, currency fraud, money laundering, and other CEA violations.

More Information on CFTC Bounty Actions and Anonymous Reporting of Commodities Manipulation and other Investment Fraud

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