SEC Anonymous Whistleblower Rewards

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates financial markets in the United States. More specifically, the agency regulates many participants engaged in investment and stock exchanges. The agency’s goal is to protect investors from investment fraud and other Illegal conduct. To obtain this goal, the agency uses SEC anonymous whistleblower rewards. These rewards are also called bounty actions.

SEC Anonymous Whistleblower Rewards Allow Anonymous Reporting of Investment Fraud and Other Illegal Conduct

Bounty Actions offer whistleblower rewards to investors and financial professionals who anonymously expose fraud and other illegal schemes. More specifically, the agency uses bounty actions to target hard to detect violations of the Securities Exchange Act and other laws. The illegal conduct needs to be significant and based on original information. In other words, the illegal scheme needs to impact at least several millions of dollars. Further, the original information needs to be based on information not readily available to the public.

SEC Anonymous Whistleblower Rewards
SEC Anonymous Whistleblower Rewards

The SEC Targets Specific Types of Illegal Conduct

While the SEC regulates the financial markets, it commonly targets specific illegal conduct.  In fiscal year 2019, the SEC brought 862 enforcement actions. These actions enforced issuer disclosure and accounting violations. The agency also took action on  auditor misconduct and investment advisory issues. Further, it took action on securities offerings and cryptocurrency offerings.

The agency also commonly takes actions on market manipulation schemes, insider trading schemes, and broker-dealer misconduct. Through the enforcement actions, the SEC obtained judgments and orders totaling more than $4.3 billion in disgorgement and penalties.

SEC Bounty Action Rewards

To date, the SEC has given whistleblowers over $380 million. These SEC whistleblower rewards are calculated as a percentage of the amount of money recovered by the SEC. The percentage can be between 10% to 30% of the money recovered. More specifically, a whistleblower who anonymously exposes a $100 million scheme can recover from $10 million to $30 million.

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