Expose Illegal Bribery Schemes

The United States government and other governments enforce anti-bribery laws. These laws target international illegal bribery schemes, fraudulent accounting, and other illegal conduct. Further, multinational corporations who violate these laws pay large fines. In fact, in the last two months large multinational corporations have paid over $5 billion in fines.  Additionally, government agencies pay large financial rewards to individuals who anonymously expose illegal bribery schemes.

Expose Illegal Bribery Schemes
Governments Recover Over $5 Billion from Multinational Corporations for Illegal Bribery Schemes

International Telecommunications Corporation Ericsson Settles International Illegal Bribery Scheme Charges

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, a multinational telecommunications company, settles illegal bribery charges. Ericsson pays more than $1 billion for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  These violations include illegal bribery and accounting fraud allegations. The US Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission enforce anti bribery laws globally.

International Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus Settles Illegal Bribery Scheme Charges

Airbus SE settles global illegal bribery and trade charges for $4,000,000,000 (four billion dollars US). Further, a Whistleblower brought this illegal bribery scheme to the attention of French, United Kingdom, and United States authorities.  All three governments investigate international bribery schemes and other illegal conduct.

United States Illegal Bribery Enforcement Agencies

For the United States, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Future Trade Commission (CFTC), and Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate illegal bribery schemes.  Further, both the SEC and CFTC offer large financial rewards to whistleblowers who anonymously expose illegal bribery schemes.

French and United Kingdom Illegal Bribery Enforcement Agencies

The French national prosecutor Parquet National Financier (PNF) enforces international illegal bribery schemes.

The Serious Fraud Office enforces the UK Bribery Act and regulates illegal bribery schemes. Further, this office enforces international illegal bribery schemes even when the conduct occurs in other countries.

International Whistleblowers Who Anonymously Expose Illegal Bribery Schemes Can Earn Large Financial Rewards

The United States uses bounty actions to identify illegal bribery schemes. More specifically, the SEC and CFTC offer large financial rewards to individuals who anonymously expose illegal conduct. Further, these agencies pay a percentage of any funds recovered to international whistleblowers who are the first to provide original information of illegal conduct.

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