Whistleblowers Expose Corruption Schemes

Multiple government agencies offer large financial rewards to whistleblowers who anonymously expose   corruption schemes. These agencies target banks, brokers, and corporations that launder illegal money from criminals and corrupt politicians. They also target money service companies and other large corporations involved in money laundering schemes. This crackdown prevents market manipulation, terrorism, and the influence of foreign money.

Expose Corruption Schemes
Anonymous whistleblowers expose corruption schemes

Whistleblower Lawyers Allow Whistleblowers to Anonymously Expose Corruption Schemes and Earn Financial Rewards

Whistleblower lawyers help financial professionals and other individuals with original information expose illegal conduct. More specifically, whistleblower lawyers review and report significant money laundering and corruption schemes for anonymous whistleblowers. By working through a lawyer, these anonymous whistleblowers protect their identity and expose illegal conduct. The whistleblowers also collect large financial rewards for exposing hard to detect market manipulation and money laundering schemes. By working through lawyers, these whistleblowers also receive assistance and legal advice regarding gathering evidence and proving illegal conduct.

Government Agencies Expose Corruption Schemes, Fine Corporations Through Enforcement Actions, and Pay Rewards to Anonymous Whistleblowers

Recent government directives strongly encourage government agencies to expose corruption schemes and take action. More specifically, these agencies impose large fines through enforcement actions. They also commonly work with other agencies on related actions. When these enforcement actions and related actions are successful, these agencies pay large rewards. Overall, these rewards provide incentives to whistleblowers to work through their lawyers to identify hard to detect schemes.

Further, anonymous whistleblowers who provide original information that result in large enforcement actions become eligible for these rewards. Reward laws mandate that the agencies award 10% to 30% of any recovery from a specific tips leading to an enforcement action go to the whistleblower. Because of the large fines in many of these schemes, agencies commonly reward large multimillion dollar awards to whistleblowers.

The SEC, CFTC, and FinCEN Encourage Whistleblowers to Expose Illegal Conduct

The SEC, CFTC, and Fin-CEN reward financial professionals and other individuals who provide original information of illegal conduct. All these agencies encourage whistleblowers through large financial rewards to anonymously expose corruption schemes. Additionally, these agencies commonly work with other agencies on related actions that can also be the basis for rewards.

More Information on Anonymous Whistleblowers and Exposing Corruption

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