International Financial Services Professionals Can Earn Large Rewards for Anonymously Exposing Bribes

The United States is offering large financial rewards to international financial services professionals who expose fraud and corruption.  These rewards target violations of the Foreign Correct Practices Act (FCPA).  More specifically, the rewards are given to individuals who expose significant SEC and CFTC violations.  Examples of these violations include illegal bribes, accounting fraud, investment fraud, money laundering, and commodities manipulation.

International Financial Services Professionals Can Earn Large Rewards and Expose Corruption and Fraud Anonymously

By reporting these violations through a lawyer, professionals can claim these rewards anonymously.  In other words, professionals can protect their identity while exposing corruption and collecting rewards.

International Financial Services Professionals Commonly Have Specialized Knowledge of Fraud and Corruption

These rewards require original information or specialized knowledge of the fraud and corruption.  This requirement encourages people with specialized knowledge to expose hard to detect fraud and corruption.  Financial services  professionals typically have access to specialized information regarding financial transactions.  Thus, this specialized information gives them the opportunity to detect fraud and corruption.  For this reason, they can expose investment fraud, money laundering, bribes, and other corruption.

Financial Services Professionals Can Only Receive Large Financial Rewards on Significant Fraud and Corruption

Financial services professionals must expose significant violations to receive financial rewards.  The minimum requirement is a million dollars in recovered fines or disgorgement.  However, larger recoveries produce larger rewards as rewards are based on a percentage of the recovery.  Further, larger corruption schemes typically attract more attention.

To date the individuals have earned over $400 million in rewards for exposing fraud and corruption.  Some anonymous whistleblowers have earned $30 million for exposing hard to detect international fraud schemes.

International Financial Services Professionals Rewards

More Information on Anonymous Reporting and Collecting Rewards

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