Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Rewards

Healthcare professionals can earn large financial rewards for properly exposing systematic Medicare and Medicaid fraud.  These rewards were created through federal and state laws which allow the Whistleblower to recover a portion of the funds recovered by the government.  Each year the federal government and several state governments recover billions of dollars through these laws.  Further, healthcare fraud whistleblowers receive hundreds of millions in whistleblower rewards.

Confidential Reviews of Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits

By working with a lawyer, a healthcare provider can determine if they may have a viable case and receive help in preparing their case.  A lawyer can also provide advice regarding potential whistlerblower protections.  These whistleblower protections often help whistleblowers avoid retaliation or seek damages from any retaliatory actions.

Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Rewards
Healthcare Professionals Are Needed to Expose Fraud

The Federal False Claims Act and Other Whistleblower Reward Law Create Economic Incentives to Report Healthcare Fraud

The FFCA and other Whistleblower Reward Laws create economic incentives to expose hard to detect fraud.  The reward laws also encourage prompt reporting of fraud through first to file requirements.

These laws also allow whistleblowers to collect a portion of any funds recovered by the government.  Because of the large amount of healthcare fraud being committed, whistleblowers commonly collect substantial rewards.

Approximately $100 billion in healthcare fraud is committed every year.  The government only recovers a small percentage of this fraud each year.  However, the United States Department of Justice and several other governments have increased enforcement activities against those committing healthcare fraud. Many of these enforcement actions result in both civil and criminal fines.

More Information on Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Rewards

For more information on Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Reward Law and other similar topics, please feel free to go to the following webpage: Healthcare Professionals Are Needed to Expose Healthcare Fraud and Healthcare Fraud Information.

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