Money Laundering, Bribes, and Corruption Can Be The Subject of Bounty Actions

Anti-corruption laws have been enacted that offer large financial rewards to individuals who anonymously expose corruption.  More specifically, the SEC and CFTC are targeting money laundering, bribes, and corruption through Bounty Actions.  Further, these Bounty Actions expose large corporations who commit illegal kickback schemes, market manipulation, FCPA violations, and other illegal conduct.

Financial Professionals Often Have Specialized Knowledge of Money Laundering, Bribes, and Corruption

These laws work with SEC regulations and CFTC regulations to encourage financial professionals and others with original information of significant corruption to anonymously report large scale and systematic corruption.  Because they are illegal, large corporations and other criminals conceal money laundering and illegal kickbacks.  For this reason, financial professionals, auditors, and other highly trained professionals are needed to expose illegal conduct.

Further, because original information of the schemes are needed, individuals with a high level of expertise and knowledge are typically needed to expose the schemes.

Money Laundering, Bribery Schemes, and Other Corruption Can Be Reported Anonymously Through a Lawyer

By reporting corruption through a lawyer, these professionals can protect their identity as well as receive help in properly reporting the corruption.

Money Laundering Bribes and Corruption
Money Laundering, Bribes, and Corruption Bounty Actions

More Information on Money Laundering and Bribery Scheme Bounty Actions

For more information on anonymously reporting corruption and obtaining a financial reward, please go to the following web pages International Whistleblower Information, SEC Bounty Actions, and Illegal Bribe Bounty Actions.


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