Money Laundering Whistleblowers Can Earn Large Rewards

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is offering large financial rewards to financial professionals who expose money laundering.  Further, financial professionals who anonymously expose money laundering through a lawyer, can protect their identity.  These money laundering whistleblowers can also collect the rewards anonymously.

Money Laundering Whistleblowers
Money Laundering Whistleblowers Can Earn Large Financial Rewards

Money Laundering Violations Can Be The Basis For Anonymous Bounty Actions

The CFTC regulates the US commodities market including  the currency markets. Further, through bounty actions the CFTC and SEC are targeting money laundering violations involving large financial corporations.  Successful bounty actions require original knowledge of significant violations of Anti-Money Laundering Rules.

The CFTC requires money laundering bounty actions to be properly reported.  More specifically, successful whistleblowers need to provide specific original information of significant money laundering violations to the CFTC. The Anti-Money Laundering Rules, Bank Secrecy Act, and Money Laundering Control Act require banks to report money laundering. Bounty Actions target financial companies who fail to report clear signs of money laundering.  More specifically, the CFTC wants tips regarding unscrupulous banks that are complicit in the placement of money laundering.  These banks often misrepresent money sources to increase business and profits.

Financial Professionals Have Specific Knowledge of Hard to Detect Illegal Acts

Because Financial Professionals work with specialized knowledge, they often have original information of illegal conduct.  The CFTC wants this information to help regulate the financial markets and prevent significant illegal money laundering.  They recently announced that they are seeking information on money laundering as well as other illegal conduct.

More specifically, the CFTC wants financial professionals with knowledge of bank and other corporations who are not following Anti-Money Laundering Rules.

More Information on Anonymous Bounty Actions

The CFTC is offering large financial rewards to financial professionals who expose illegal conduct in the financial markets.  More specifically, they are seeking original information on money laundering, insider trading, market manipulation, and illegal bribes.  For more information on Anonymous Bounty Actions, please feel free to go to the following web pages: CFTC Bounty Actions, Anonymous Bounty Actions, and SEC Bounty Actions.