Cryptocurrency Fraud Bounty Actions

Both the SEC and CFTC regulate cryptocurrency in the financial markets.  Both agencies use bounty action rewards to detect cryptocurrency fraud.  These Cryptocurrency Fraud Bounty Actions allow professionals and investors to anonymously expose fraud and collect rewards.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Bounty Actions
Cryptocurrency Fraud Bounty Actions

The United States Securities Exchange Commission Regulates Cryptocurrency Offerings and is Targeting Fraud in the Market

The SEC regulates some types of cryptocurrency as securities. In doing so, the SEC regulates offerings and can block unlawful offerings that could flood the cryptocurrency market. As an example the SEC took action to block a $1.7 Billion cryptocurrency offering earlier this week.

In regulating cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency ETFs as securities, the SEC targets all fraud schemes and securities violations.

The United States Commodity Future Trading Commission Also Regulates The Cryptocurrency Market and Wants Information Technology Professionals and Finance Professionals to Expose Fraud

The CFTC also regulates the cryptocurrency market and classifies virtual currencies and ether as commodities.  Further, the CFTC targets companies and individuals who fraudulently solicit investments in virtual currencies. More specifically, the agency is targeting specific types of cryptocurrency fraud schemes through bounty actions.  One type of cryptocurrency fraud are virtual currency price manipulation schemes (like pump-and-dump schemes). They are also targeting pre-arranged or wash trading of virtual currencies including swaps or futures contracts based on virtual currencies.

The CFTC is also targeting virtual currency trades by certain types of unregistered platforms and unregistered persons such as off-exchange leveraged, margined, or financed commodity transactions. Supervision failures or fraudulent conduct are also being targeted by virtual currency exchanges.

More Information on SEC and CFTC Bounty Actions

For more information on Cryptocurrency Fraud as a basis for SEC and CFTC Bounty Actions and anonymous reporting of market fraud, please go to the following web pages: Anonymous Reporting Through Bounty Actions and Securities Fraud and Commodities Fraud Can Be The Basis of Bounty Actions.