Coronavirus Inside Trade Lawyer

The SEC, CFTC, and other government agencies prohibit the use of intelligence and regulatory information for personal benefit. More specifically these agencies target government insiders who use specialized Coronavirus and stimulus information to profit in the financial markets. Further, these agencies offer large financial rewards to individuals with original information of insider trading. In many situations these whistleblowers remain anonymous by exposing illegal conduct through a Coronavirus inside trade lawyer.  Overall, these agencies target government officials and their accomplices who illegally profit from early knowledge of the pandemic, stimulus, and other inside information.

Coronavirus Inside Trade Lawyer
Anonymously Expose Illegal Coronavirus Inside Trade Schemes and Earn Financial Rewards

The SEC Targets Coronavirus Stock Trade Profiteering

The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the securities markets in the United States. As such, the SEC reviews stock trades by lawmakers surrounding intelligence briefings and major stimulus legislation. Further, the agency investigates law makers and public officials who make large trades before the market plunges due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The SEC also seeks tips from brokers, financial advisors, and other financial professionals with knowledge of significant trades based on inside information.

The CFTC Targets Coronavirus Inside Information Commodity Trades

The Commodities Future Trading Commission also regulates financial trades made with illegal inside information. More specifically, the agency regulates commodity trades including illegal oil and gas trades made on inside government information. The agency encourages financial professionals aware of illegal inside trades to anonymously expose these trades through financial rewards. These illegal trades can include inside information of non-public policy decisions and intelligence.

From interest rate decisions other government regulations to government purchasing, the use of inside information can create millions or billions in illegal profits. Individuals with original information of inside trade schemes should anonymously expose these illegal schemes and anonymously collect large financial rewards.

Coronavirus Inside Trade Lawyer Works With Financial Professionals to Anonymously Expose Public Officials Who Illegally Use Privileged Information for Profits

During the coronavirus crisis, public officials should work for the benefit of the public and not themselves.  Further, these lawmakers will pass historic stimulus legislation worth trillions of dollars.  Additionally, these public officials will regulate the banks, financial markets, and other industries. Thus, they control the flow of trillions of dollars in wealth. This vast power creates temptation for many public officials to take advantage of the information and power they have to commit coronavirus profiteering. Thus, bounties create large financial rewards for individuals who anonymously expose those who violate the public trust.

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